In the coming weeks, the Meme factory edges closer to launching and several blockchain-related conferences will be held across the globe.

The Meme Factory, a way to design and trade rare digital assets using the ethereum (ETH) blockchain, is moving forward in the coming weeks, according to a district0x blog post. The Meme Factory is slated to launch simultaneously with the Aragon Core Platform, when the platform is deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet, the blog post notes.

On Tuesday, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand is schedule to begin. The Asia fintech event will cover the current cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, as well as address questions surrounding how to earn using these technologies, according to the event’s blog post.

The DC Blockchain Summit will be held this Tuesday through Thursday in Washington, D.C. The event will cover developments in initial coin offerings, ETFs, bitcoin futures, and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Last Week’s Events

A Russian Ministry of Economic Development official called for tax breaks on profits relating to cryptocurrency transactions. That call to action last week marked the latest move by a nation to address the crypto tax issue. The Russian ministry official proposed cryptocurrency tax breaks should not only apply to corporate profits but also personal incomes.

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is gearing up to debut a new cryptocurrency called Eco. Camp plans to initially issue one trillion tokens and dole them out to folks who sign-up to receive them and also to a newly formed Eco Foundation that will create and maintain the network.

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