Global Blockchain Forum Begins

A number of tech, investment and industry panels on blockchain and cryptocurrencies are taking place during this two-day conference in Santa Clara, Calif., which began Monday morning. Venture capitalist Tim Draper of Draper Associates, DFJ, and Draper University, delivered a morning keynote speech titled “Blockchain Business Models: Transforming Business Across All Industries.” The two-day event includes panels titled “Blockchain is the Next $10 Billion Opportunity for Banks” and “Financial Inclusion for the Next 5 Billion People.” Read more here.

Beyond Blocks Summit Tokyo

Blockchain enthusiasts will gather in Tokyo Wednesday and Thursday to share information on regulations and opportunities. Yuzo Kano, co-founder and CEO of bitFlyer, will deliver the keynote speech, which will look at the state of blockchain in Japan. Panel discussions will cover regulatory issues and governance in China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Japan, as well as how blockchain can transform the educational sector. Read more here.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Germany

A one-day blockchain and cryptocurrencies event will be held Wednesday in Berlin. The conference will cover topics including how to implement blockchain into business processes and initial coin offerings. Read more here.

Last Week’s Events

Intel Seeks Patent to Improve Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Chip giant Intel has filed for a U.S. patent to create a bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware accelerator that would reduce the cost of mining cryptocurrency and bring greater efficiencies. “Bitcoin mining can be very power-intensive and utilize large amounts of hardware space,” the company’s filing says. “The embodiments described herein optimize Bitcoin mining operations by reducing the space utilized and power consumed by Bitcoin mining hardware.” Read more here.

LitePay Closes Doors as Funds Dwindle

Payments processor LitePay has ceased operations, and CEO Kenneth Asare is preparing to sell the company, the Litecoin Foundation announced in a public letter to the litecoin (LTC) community. The letter said that litecoin was doing “perfectly fine” before LitePay emerged and will continue to do so. The foundation says it is sorry it didn’t perform “enough due diligence” soon enough to uncover what it says were transparency and money issues at LitePay. Read more here.

Coinbase to Support Ethereum ERC20

Coinbase plans to support Ethereum ERC20 in the coming months, the exchange announced last Monday. ERC20, a technical standard used for Ethereum smart contracts, provides a means for teams to build interoperable contracts or assets quickly, Coinbase said. Read more here.

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