Blockchain technology has been long been touted for what it could be. Now, it has proven one thing it actually is: a tool for circumventing censorship.

Students in a Chinese university working to expose sexual harassment appear to have been blocked at every turn by the university and the government. Then supporters used the Ethereum blockchain to sidestep censorship and publish an open letter by a student, Yahoo! Finance reports.

A group of students at Peking University had demanded information on a professor in a sexual harassment case from from more than 20 years ago. One student, Xin Yue, wrote an open letter in which she accused the school of demanding she delete information about the request and of telling her parents to confine her at home.

After Chinese authorities removed the letter from social media platforms and the internet, supporters posted an image of the letter on the Ethereum blockchain, a transaction that cost about 50 cents. The tactic drew praise on social media for its ingenuity, according to Yahoo! Finance. Read more here.

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