A Russian agent at an international conference last year on setting standards for blockchain technology told other delegates that blockchain “will belong” to the Russians, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Grigory Marshalko, who was working for the FSB, Russia’s main security agency, headed his country’s delegation to the International Standards Organization conference. The ISO is an organization created to make sure technologies are built and measured the same way globally.

Twenty-five countries sent delegations to the conference. Among the topics discussed was a common method for security, the report said.

Among those rattled by the agent’s comments, the Times reported, is Emma Channing, an attorney who works with blockchain startups. She said that countries that devote lots of resources to the standards process might be able to introduce so-called back doors in the blockchain that could be used for spying on blockchain activity.

Craig Dunn, chairman of ISO’s blockchain committee, said that no single country would be able to shape the process. Read more here.

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