This week brings the first annual Frontier Innovation Awards, which will spotlight teams with new blockchain ideas, as well as a New York symposium focused on the impact of blockchain technology on creativity and the arts. Last week, cryptocurrency enthusiasts gathered for a large conference in Los Angeles, and a travel platform launched its ICO.

This Week’s Events
Frontier Innovation Awards to Be Held Friday

The first annual Frontier Innovation Awards will take place Friday in San Francisco. The event aims to reward new ideas in blockchain technology. Fifteen qualifying teams will get a chance to win a term sheet or token investment from Bee Partners worth at least $250,000, as well as mentoring from Riccardo Spagni of the monero (XMR) core team and Indiegogo’s ICO team. Spagni will deliver the keynote address. Read more here.

CryptoCreative New York Kicks Off Thursday

The CrytpoCreative symposium begins Thursday in New York. Organizers say the event will explore blockchain technology’s impact on creativity and the arts. The event will feature entrepreneurs, developers, artists and curators. Topics will include how smart contracts help track provenance, IP and royalties for online content, art and music. Other themes will include design, arts and music startups emerging from blockchain innovations and high-stakes online trading and live auctions of rare art. Read more here.

Last Week’s Events
Crypto Invest Summit Held in Los Angeles

The inaugural Crypto Invest Summit kicked off Monday in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center and concluded Wednesday. Among the gathering’s 100 speakers was venture capitalist Tim Draper. CNBC Africa’s “Crypto Trader” host Ran Neu-Ner was to host a live broadcast from the summit. Read more here.

TripBit Launched ICO Tuesday

TripBit, a travel-booking platform, launched its initial coin offering Tuesday, according to Coinschedule. The Australian company plans to issue a maximum of 700 million tokens, according to a white paper available on TripBit’s website. The price for 10,000 TripBits (TBT) is 1 ether (ETH).

TripBit says it will allow consumers to book flights, hotels and events using either cryptocurrency or traditional currency. The company will also offer a secondary market for travelers to buy and sell tickets. TripBit’s presale began on March 21 and concluded on April 24. Read more here.

GoChain Launched Token Presale

GoChain, a cryptocurrency and blockchain aimed at supporting smart contracts and distributed applications, began its token presale on Tuesday. The presale will last until May 15, and the company plans to launch its ICO a day later. The initial token price will be 2 cents, and GoChain plans to issue a maximum of 1 billion tokens, according to ICOwatchlist. The company says it is building a scalable, Ethereum-based smart-contract blockchain that is fast and secure. Read more here.

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