Walmart wants you to live better with blockchain. The retail giant, the world’s largest company by revenue, received three patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for several blockchain-related systems, Cryptovest reported Monday.

The patents approved Thursday involve a system for obtaining medical records on blockchain, a method and system for managing demand on an electrical grid and a system for controlling access to a locked place.

The medical records system would allow patient data to be stored in a distributed ledger. The medical records could be accessed in an emergency when a patient is unresponsive. Only medical data that is emergency-specific would be put on the blockchain.

Walmart was not the only company winning blockchain patents. On the same day, IBM won approval for patenting “systems and methods for preventing vulnerabilities in a blockchain,” while Cisco got a patent for a “Trust Enabled Decentralized Asset Tracking System for Supply Chain and Automated Inventory Management.” Read more here.


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