A 17,000-square-foot Renaissance-era mansion in the heart of Rome will be auctioned off Thursday. Got $44 million or about 7,200 bitcoin (BTC) to spare? It could be yours.

That’s right, you can use bitcoin to bid on this 11-bedroom, 15.5-bathroom, Italian heritage site mansion designed and built by Giacomo Della Porta, a 16th-century architect and sculptor who worked with Michelangelo, Quartz reports.

But time is tight. You have to register and deposit funds of $100,000 (or the cryptocurrency equivalent) to be able to bid via the blockchain-based property marketplace Propy. The reserve price is set at 38 million euro, which is $44 million, or around 7,200 bitcoin (at least as of Monday). Read more here.

ThirtyK Staff
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