Hundreds of years ago in the Netherlands there developed a mania for tulips, specifically “broken bulbs,” or flowers whose petals show a striped, multicolor pattern rather than a single solid color. The genetic oddity made the flowers rare and helped push up demand to a fever pitch until the bottom fell out of the market.

Now there’s a modern way of investing in “broken” tulips using blockchain. Yes, like the CryptoKitties, the developers of Texel are providing a collectibles market. In this one, users will be able to buy, plant, breed and trade genetically unique tulips. (Texel is named for an island in the Netherlands.) Philly reports users can select where they want to purchase a “plot” and “plant” their bulbs. Because each bulb has unique DNA, users won’t know what their tulips will look like until they “bloom.” When it comes time to pollinate, users can choose to regrow their plants with the same genetic material or breed them to create something new or, in their eyes, more desirable. Read more here.

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