We know Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, likes bitcoin (BTC). Earlier this month he voiced his desire for bitcoin to become a global currency, even after selling all but one of his bitcoins.

He’s not so positive about the blockchain technology behind bitcoin, however. Speaking at this week’s NEX technology conference in New York, Wozniak said he saw some disturbing similarities between the dot-com bubble and the hype surrounding blockchain.

Blockchain technology has value, he said, but, like the internet, it could take a long time for that value to catch up to the hype. “A lot of the blockchain ideas that are really good by coming out early[,] they can burn themselves out by not being prepared to be stable in the long run,” CNBC quotes Wozniak as saying.

Wozniak said Ethereum has the potential to outlive the hype, in part because of the way it allows programmers to build their own projects. As for bitcoin, despite its recent price drop, it is still “just amazing,” he said. Read more here.

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