The World Cup soccer competition is, to put it mildly, a big deal, a source of national pride.

Colombia lost its match against England by a kick earlier this week and will be heading home. However, star midfielder James Rodriguez can console himself and fans with his new personal cryptocurrency, the JR10.

According to Wired, the coin can be used to buy football-related souvenirs, fan club meetings and other perks related to Rodriguez who, when not playing for Colombia in the World Cup, is with German club Bayern Munich. According to the Chinese company that took care of the coin’s technical issues, the advance online auction of a small batch of JR10 tokens went faster than a penalty kick, or $500,000 in 12 seconds, Wired reported.

However, the website goes further, making a modest proposal that more soccer players should offer their own currencies. Why? For one thing it might add excitement to what can be a dull game. Read more here.

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