Having your book on the New York Times’ bestseller list is considered by some to be an achievement that can get an author a lot of publishing influence as well as readers. Getting your name on New York Times list of blockchain influencers is a dubious achievement to some in the industry. Or maybe it’s just sour grapes.

The Times’ “People Leading the Blockchain Revolution” list purports to be “a look at some of the most influential people in the industry today.” But Allen Scott, writing in Bitcoinist, says that “not a single bitcoin core developer made it on the list, which can be interpreted as a stamp of approval for those who appreciate leaderless, and even anonymous, open-source code development.”

Then there’s this: “I have been in this space for five years while keeping an eye on the news every single day — and I have never heard of half of these people. Seriously, who are they?” he asks.

Well, one is Valerie A. Szczepanik, who was recently named “Crypto Czar” at the Securities and Exchange Commission, an appointment that got a lot of attention as the regulatory agency tries to figure out how to navigate the cryptocurrency currents.

Scott says that “some people who are actually developers and are building useful software have made it on the list — like Lightning Lab’s Elizabeth Stark. Vitalik Buterin? Granted. Cardano developer Charles Hoskinson? Snubbed.” Read more here.

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