The Titanic meets blockchain. Oceanographer David Gallo, who helped to map the doomed luxury ocean liner in time for its centennial and to locate the wreckage of Air France flight 447, has joined a new company that will search the waters around the Bahamas for sunken treasure.

According to its press release, PO8 is a “marine archaeology” startup that uses blockchain technology to “unearth billions-worth of sunken artifacts and treasures from Bahamian waters dating back to the Spanish Galleon treasure ships of the Spanish empire.”

PO8 also introduced its Non Fungible Token, or NFT, on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token will represent digital ownership of physical assets like the underwater artifacts PO8 will be recovering.

According to PO8’s CEO Matthew Arnett, “We’ve already identified a couple of locations with cargo manifest records indicating the loads are significant in value.” Read more here.

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