Julian Hosp, co-founder of the TenX cryptocurrency payment platform, says he’s still confident bitcoin’s (BTC) price could hit $60,000 in 2018, satisfying a prediction he made late last year.

That’s optimism, considering the largest cryptocurrency by market cap is trading well below its near-$20,000 December highs. Bitcoin is currently priced at $6,377.65.

Hosp told CNBC during the Rise conference in Hong Kong that back in December “I predicted for 2018 we [were] going to see $5,000 and $60,000. So $5,000, we pretty much hit it. So let’s see if we can do the $60,000. I’m still quite confident,” he said.

He acknowledged, however, that for bitcoin to hit his upper target, there would need to be a “massive positive event” in the form of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund or a bullish announcement by a country about the cryptocurrency. Read more here.


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