Boeing sees big business in drones and other forms of unmanned aircraft. That’s why it has joined forces with Texas-based SparkCognition, a company in which Boeing invested last month, to use artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to “track unmanned air vehicles in flight and allocate traffic corridors and routes to ensure safe, secure transportation.”

The partnership “will also provide a standardized programming interface to support package delivery, industrial inspection and other commercial applications,” according to Boeing’s press release.

“Estimated by some analysts at $3 trillion, the urban aerial mobility opportunity will lead to the creation of the largest new market in our lifetimes,” exulted Amir Husain, founder and CEO of SparkCognition, in the release.

That’s a lot of drones filling the skies. The announcement came days before the U.K.’s biennial Farnborough Airshow, where Boeing and archrival Airbus typically announce lots of new orders.

ThirtyK Staff
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