Thomas Robson-Kanu, known as “Hal,” is a star striker in the U.K.’s Championship League, playing for West Bromwich Albion, and has been on the Welsh national team. But when practice is done he goes home, cleans up a bit, then heads to his Chiswick office and his other profession: blockchain entrepreneur.

According to the Independent, Robson-Kanu has been working on “Sports Ledger,” a blockchain-based sports data-sharing platform he and others have been developing for the last two years.

The data-sharing and interaction platform is intended to aggregate sports data from around the globe and allow users to make comparisons and predictions, the Independent reported, adding that there will also be a social sharing content platform, “which advertisers would want to access.”

Maybe the next step will be for Robson-Kanu to create his own cryptocurrency. HAL, anyone? Read more here.

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