CoinShares CEO Ryan Radloff knows the rules of supply and demand. The way he sees it, more people want to own bitcoin (BTC), and that means soon there will be less of it available.

Radloff, in a post, was commenting on ING’s 2018 mobile banking survey, which found 25 percent of Europeans, 21 percent of Americans and 15 percent of Australians expect to own cryptocurrency in the future. From the data Radloff inferred that at least 99 million people intend to own crypto.

“Holding at current prices ($6,500), if 99 million consumers want to hold as little as [100 pounds] in bitcoin, that amounts to an increased demand of about 1.9 million bitcoins,” Radloff wrote. “Said differently: These demand numbers indicate that almost half of the remaining nonminted bitcoin supply is ‘spoken for.'” 

ThirtyK Staff
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