There is a new wonder in the Land Down Under.

Australians can now pay their bills in cryptocurrency, whether or not the business to be paid even takes digital money. That is thanks to a partnership announced Tuesday between bill payment company Gobbill and crypto exchange and digital wallet company Cointree.

That this should be taking place in Australia should be no surprise considering the nation’s increasing involvement in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Gobbill acts as a go-between, taking the funds from its users and paying the bills on their behalf. According to the companies’ press release, Gobbill users can now pay household bills using crypto coins stored in a Cointree digital wallet. Cointree’s platform supports a number of currencies including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and litecoin (LTC).

Gobbill’s platform users can also link a crypto wallet in their account and elect to pay their bills either by credit card, bank account or a specified cryptocurrency, the companies said.


ThirtyK Staff
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