We know blockchain and cryptocurrency are hot subjects for college students looking for better-paying jobs in an emerging field as well as for companies looking to train and hire an educated workforce.

But did you know there’s a sizable number of college students putting digital currencies where their mouths are?

The main headline of a nationwide survey of 675 students commissioned by crypto exchange Coinbase and released Tuesday is that 21 of the world’s top 50 universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, now offer a class on blockchain technology or cryptocurrency, and at least 11 colleges offer more than one.

But the survey also found that of these 675 students, 18 percent “said they own (or have owned) cryptocurrency, twice the rate of the general population,” according to the survey. This part of the survey, including the type of cryptocurrency the students own, was short on additional detail.

However, the survey did note 17 percent of students surveyed “said they consider their knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain very good, compared to just 9 percent of the general population surveyed at the same time.”

ThirtyK Staff
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