It is always an occasion when The New York Times discovers blockchain. In this case, the newspaper has profiled a former host of a WNYC public radio podcast and her executive producer who left the New York station to offer a podcast, “ZigZag,” focused on blockchain technology.

The podcast is being produced with help from Civil Media, the blockchain company focused on creating “sustainable journalism.” To that end Civil recently inked an agreement with the Associated Press to make its member content available to Civil-backed newsrooms such as the new Colorado Sun, staffed by editors and reporters who left The Denver Post.

According to the Times, in “ZigZag,” Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant “try to understand blockchain technology and its possible implications for journalism. And because they are living the very topic they are reporting on, the podcast is also about what it means to be working mothers who are trying to make a go of it as entrepreneurs as they stake their financial and professional stability on Civil’s success.”

The first 12-episode season concluded last month. Read more here.

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