Soccer, or football depending on where you are, is a big business. And like any big business, individual groups are casting their eyes on blockchain technology to help them score profits.

French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain said it is partnering with blockchain platform to launch what it calls a Fan Token Offering. The offering will give fans access to Saint-German club tokens, which come with voting rights.

The Socios platform is powered by chiliZ, a Malta-based sports blockchain venture that has already secured the support of major industry players, according to Cointelegraph.

Blockchain technology has also made it to the Union of European Football Associations, which used a ticketing system run on a blockchain-based app for a big match last month. Also, Thomas Robson-Kanu, a star in the U.K.’s Championship League, has been working on a blockchain-based sports data-sharing platform that has been in development for two years. Read more here.

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