New Zealand blockchain technology companies Sylo and CentraPay have joined forces to give consumers a way to make payments in New Zealand and Australia next year by using Sylo’s decentralized communication app.

According to the companies’ press release, the Sylo-CentraPay digital payment technology “will modernize and simplify how consumers interact at the point of purchase,” making things easier for shoppers as well as merchants.

“CentraPay technology allows Sylo users to break down traditional payment barriers. You don’t need to carry a wallet or cash, you don’t need to wait in line, you don’t need to swipe or tap anything,” said Ben Jordan, product director at Sylo.

“For a simple night out at a restaurant, and before they even arrive, Sylo users will be able to book a table, pay for transport and preorder drinks and food. At the end of the night, users enjoy the walkaway ‘Uber-style’ payment experience. For merchants, it allows them to deliver follow-up communications such as specials, discounts or even a simple ‘thank you’ from the restaurant itself,” added Jordan.

The partnership has begun work with a “top global vendor of payment terminals” it did not name. The system will eventually be available throughout Asia and other parts of the world, the companies said.

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