Don’t get the Commodity Futures Trading Commission mad by using it for your fraud.

The CFTC said in a release it is suing two people going under the names Morgan Hunt and Kim Hecroft in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The agency alleges the defendants committed fraudulent solicitation, impersonated a CFTC investigator and forged CFTC documents as part of an elaborate scheme to convince cryptocurrency investors to pay them a fake tax in bitcoin (BTC).

“Increased public awareness of the CFTC’s involvement in policing the virtual currency markets has, unfortunately, provided new opportunities for bad actors,” said James McDonald, CFTC director of enforcement, in the release. “As alleged in the complaint, Defendants sought to exploit public trust in the CFTC through forged documents purporting to be official CFTC memoranda requiring the payment of a tax on cryptocurrency accounts. The CFTC does not collect taxes.”

ThirtyK Staff
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