The U.S. Federal Election Commission is mulling a request for cryptocurrency miners to volunteer their computing power to political campaigns.

The request from OsiaNetwork LLC, published in late September, would create another way for cryptocurrencies to be used to support political efforts in the U.S. The request is currently subject to a public comment period. The FEC allowed bitcoin (BTC) donations as a form of in-kind contribution to campaigns in 2014, CoinDesk reported.

“OsiaNetwork would allow volunteers to support federal political committees by ‘pooling’ the processing power of their internet enabled devices to mine cryptocurrencies. OsiaNetwork believes that enabling individual volunteers to so ‘pool’ the processing power of their internet enabled devices would allow individuals to support their preferred candidates, which they would not otherwise be able to do,” according to the request.

Volunteers would designate which devices they want to use. As long as they’re actively signed into OsiaNetwork’s website, their computing power would be used to generate new cryptocurrency.

OsiaNetwork wants the political campaigns to be able to solicit such a donation option, with OsiaNetwork connecting to their websites and enabling contributors to sign up from that point. Read more here.

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