The “capitalist tool” may be about to become a blockchain-based publisher.

Forbes has agreed to start putting select articles on Civil Media’s blockchain, co-founder Matt Coolidge announced. Civil, which believes in “sustainable” journalism through blockchain, already has agreements with a number of publications as well as the Associated Press news service.

According to Coolidge, Forbes is “committed to using Civil to permanently archive its content to a decentralized environment that ensures no third party can remove or alter it. Additionally, it will be using Civil to experiment with new methods of reader engagement.”

For now the commitment may be of a short term. Under the agreement, Forbes, which will receive Civil tokens, will publish metadata from select articles to Civil’s blockchain in the first quarter of next year. If Forbes likes what it sees it “may begin committing metadata from all of its articles to Civil’s decentralized network at some point later next year,” according to Civil’s press release, which was published with Coolidge’s blog post.

ThirtyK Staff
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