Sony, the company that brought you the Walkman, PlayStation and a host of films, knows from copyrights. The company said in a press release it has developed a blockchain-based digital rights management system it may offer commercially.

Sony said its system will help manage copyright-related information for digital content and be a more efficient alternative for creators than filing the copyrights themselves the traditional, paper-based way or using industry organizations to do it.

Sony said that with its blockchain technology users will be able to share and verify information such as date and time of creation, the author’s details and the rights generation of a piece of written work.

eBooks, music, video and virtual reality content may be supported by the new system in future, but for now Sony is touting its use in managing “educational materials and other forms of content used in the field of education.”

It added it’s also “considering its possible commercialization as a service.”

ThirtyK Staff
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