Have blockchain, will employ.

According to Glassdoor, an online job search website, blockchain-related job opportunities are at record levels, even though there’s plenty of skepticism about the digital currencies blockchain technology supports.

As of August, there were 1,775 blockchain-related job openings in the U.S., up from 693 at the beginning of the year and 446 as of August last year, according to data compiled by Glassdoor.

Companies, including IBM and ConsenSys, are willing to pay well for workers. “Overall, we found a median base salary of $84,884 per year for open blockchain-related jobs on Glassdoor,” the report said.

What jobs pay that well? Software engineer accounted for 19 percent of total blockchain job listings, followed by more specialized roles including front-end engineer and technology architect. Overall, engineering, technology and science roles made up 55 percent of job openings and “suggest there’s still demand for skilled workers who can advance fundamental blockchain technology,” Glassdoor said in its report.

ThirtyK Staff
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