You know blockchain technology has made it into the mainstream of everyday life when the satirical publication The Onion puts a “Guide to Blockchain Technology” on its website.

Yes, blockchain terminology is confusing, frequently dense and guaranteed not to come up in party conversation, unless you are at a Consensus convention.

But should you find yourself asked about blockchain and want to answer in a way your grandmother would understand, consider some of The Onion’s many questions and answers:

Q: What is the benefit of using blockchain?

A: Provides a more efficient way for you to lose all your money at once.

Q: Is the system fully secure from hackers?

A: Nothing that bad has happened yet, so we’re just going to say yes.

Q: How do banks feel about blockchain technology?

A: As long as banks still find a way to exploit the poor, they couldn’t care less.


ThirtyK Staff
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