What if blockchain technology could be used to detect cancers earlier and save more lives?

That’s what Lancor Scientific wants to achieve by launching a global cancer registry that integrates its existing blockchain platform with an early-detection cancer screening device developed by a partner.

For now the focus is on cervical cancer, but the London-based company said it will be adding more types of cancer for which it can screen next year, according to Lancor’s press release.

The idea right now is to provide a more cost-effective, faster, more secure and more accurate cancer screening than current Pap smear systems. “The blockchain will validate the screening devices, unlock the patient record, write the results to the registry, take payment for the cancer tests and provide real-time screening results,” the company said. “Lancor Scientific will store the results using a combination of on- and off-chain ledgers in patient-owned secure profiles.”

Lancor Scientific’s Medici token allows holders to purchase cancer screening tests at any clinic using the Lancor Blockchain Platform, which works with partner Tumour Trace’s early cancer detection Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy device.

It is important to promote better cancer detection and health care in developing nations, said CEO Aamir Butt. “The fight against cancer is an uphill battle for everyone connected, so we hope that our solution can help people in the countries that need it the most,” he said.

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