That Steve Wozniak sure has been busy lately. When the Apple co-founder isn’t hitting technology conventions he’s co-founding a blockchain-backed investment fund.

Now comes word his tech education company, Woz U, is working with BlockGeeks, a knowledge-sharing and ecosystem development platform. BlockGeeks will offer coursework that will help Woz U students gain expertise in blockchain technology, BlockchainNews reports. Those skills can help them get some of the many jobs now available.

Vlad Martynov, co-founder of BlockGeeks, said the collaboration with Woz U “enables us to meet fast-growing demand for qualified blockchain experts and developers and offer courses for students to gain the skill set for a blockchain-based career as industries continue to embrace the technology to evolve, impacting the way companies operate.”

The future graduates of Woz U’s Arizona-approved program will receive a certificate of completion. Read more here.

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