HTC finally unveiled Exodus 1, its blockchain-focused smartphone, on Tuesday, and you’ll need cryptocurrency to buy it.

Specifically, to pre-order the phone, expected to be shipped by December, you’ll need 0.15 bitcoins (BTC) or 4.78 ether (ETH) tokens, which translates to about $960 at the current rate.

The Exodus 1 comes with a secluded area on the phone’s chip kept separate from the Android operating system (OS) it runs on.

“Think of it as a micro OS that runs in parallel with Android,” Phil Chen, HTC’s decentralized chief officer, told CNBC. “It basically is a wallet, but the wallet, what it does is hold your private keys,” those lines of code to be known only to owners of a cryptocurrency to allow them access to their funds.

“When you start owning your own keys, then you can start owning your own digital identity, then you can start to own data,” he added.

He told CNBC the reason for accepting only crypto as payment is to bring the long-delayed phone “directly to the core audience and those who will want this device, the blockchain community.” HTC wants third-party cryptographers and developers to give it feedback on the phone, too.

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