Israel is the Promised Land for blockchain startups, according to the trade group that represents them.

The Israeli Blockchain Association, in its third-quarter “Israeli Blockchain Startup Map,” said the nation is now called home by 200 startups operating in the blockchain industry.

The group predicts that in 2019 the number of blockchain startups in Israel will double.

“The Israeli blockchain industry is currently experiencing both a boost and a transformation,” Roman Gold, founding partner of the Israeli Blockchain Association, said in a press release.

The group said 57 of these startups are focused on financial technology, 37 are involved in protocols and core infrastructure, and 23 startups are involved in security. The trade group did not say what the rest of the startups do, but it did reveal that since the beginning of the year 20 blockchain startups have bitten the dust.


ThirtyK Staff
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