Developers POA Network, Compound and blockchain technology company ConsenSys said Wedneday they are working together on an open-source Ethereum client called Mana.

According to their press release, the coordinated work will “add a new mainnet Ethereum client, in a language with a fast-growing developer community, supported by three independent organizations under a permissive open-source license.”

In the current Ethereum ecosystem, “a majority of active nodes on the network are Geth or Parity nodes. Mana provides an additional open-source alternative that closely matches the Ethereum yellow paper protocols,” said Igor Barinov, the technology lead at POA Network.

For all you techies out there, Mana is written in Elixir, a programming language known for its performance in high-traffic systems such as the WhatsApp messenger program. The companies said the code can enable thousands of processes to run concurrently on the same virtual machine.

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