Sirin Labs’ Finney blockchain-focused phone will be launched in Barcelona, Spain, on Nov. 29. Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi, the brand’s “ambassador,” will be on hand to promote the phone.

The phone, named for Hal Finney, the computer developer who received the first bitcoin (BTC) transaction from creator Satoshi Nakamoto, was announced in July. Since then there has been a race between Sirin and HTC to get their blockchain phones to the public.

HTC, after months of delay, announced its phone, Exodus, last week. To get one, expected to be shipped by December, payment is only being accepted in bitcoins or ether (ETH).

While HTC has said its phone was geared toward “the blockchain community,” the Independent reported the Sirin phone is geared towards the “masses” who can afford the $1,000 price tag. The phone comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet viewed on a hidden screen that slides out from behind the main display. The Independent did not say if payment will be accepted in fiat currency. Read more here.

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