Tokenville, a startup company, wants to bring cryptocurrency and crypto-collectibles to a mass audience. What better way than through a comic book.

Cointelegraph reported Tokenville’s first effort of infusing comics with blockchain is “The Crypto Treasures.” Comic book author Vitaly Terletsky’s storyline centers on the “Myths of Crypto.” The story explores the clashes between Good and Evil in a time long, long ago. Both pursue a mythical beast known as “Mass Adoption.”

And while there is no CryptoMan or even a Super Satoshi, there will be a place for Crypto-Kitties. Specifically, Tokenville is working with CryptoKitties to develop a TV show known as “Crypto Detective.” The stars of this “KittyVerse” will include CryptoKitties submitted by their owners for participation. Read more here.

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