There are those who take to Twitter to complain about an issue, and those who do something about it.

In this case, after former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said during a recent speech she is “no fan” of bitcoin (BTC), someone gifted her some.

CoinDesk reported Raz Suprovici, the founder of bitcoin gifting service Biterica, sent Yellen 0.0031642 BTC, worth roughly $20, to her University of California Berkeley email address.

“I did receive a gift of bitcoins this morning and have been very busy ever since so I’ve not looked into it further,” she acknowledged to CoinDesk.

Suprovici said he wanted to help Yellen better understand the cryptocurrency.

“People are afraid of the unknown,” he told CoinDesk. “I was hoping that when she logged into her bitcoin wallet with her ID and password, she would see it’s just like a typical online bank account. The money she owns is there, in her control, ready to spend … I hope that this sparks her openness to the technology.”

In her address she said that “for something to be a useful currency, it needs to be a stable source of value, and bitcoin is anything but. So it’s not used for a lot of transactions, it’s not a stable source of value and it’s also not an efficient means for processing payments. It’s very slow in handling payments.”

ThirtyK Staff
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