There’s cryptocurrency mining, and then there’s asteroid mining.

Blockchain firm ConsenSys has bought space exploration firm Planetary Resources through an asset-purchase transaction, the companies said.

Financial details were not disclosed but Planetary Resources’ President and CEO Chris Lewicki and General Counsel Brian Israel have joined ConsenSys in connection with the acquisition.

Lewicki once worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as Flight Director of the Spirit & Opportunity Mars rovers and Phoenix Mars lander before co-founding and leading Planetary Resources. Israel, among other jobs, was U.S. representative to the United Nations’ space law body.

Why would ConsenSys want to buy a company that plans to explore deep space to seek out and mine asteroids in a quest for “critical water resources necessary for human expansion in space?” Because, said ConsenSys founder and the Ethereum blockchain platform’s co-founder Joe Lubin, he wants to bring “deep-space capabilities into the ConsenSys ecosystem.”

He added the acquisition “reflects our belief in the potential for Ethereum to help humanity craft new societal rule systems through automated trust and guaranteed execution. And it reflects our belief in democratizing and decentralizing space endeavors to unite our species and unlock untapped human potential.”

Perhaps even to infinity and beyond.

ThirtyK Staff
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