Is seeing really believing when it comes to blockchain technology?

Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX, said in a press release its beta WAX Blockchain is live and in action, processing plenty of transactions and providing “a visual representation of all items traded, including 3-D interactive features, making blockchain technology easy to use to every consumer, not just the crypto elite.”

Here’s one such visual example “every consumer” can consider: the ownership history of a butterfly knife. The page features a button to click to see the knife in 3-D. Only $7,900.

So far, it added, the blockchain has processed “tens of millions of transactions at an average of 7,200 blocks per hour. The beta WAX Blockchain is transacting an average of 4,598,809 items per day based on the average of the last seven days.”

The company said the majority of transactions, ranging in value from hundreds to thousands of dollars, are from traders of VGO skins, which are items in video games.

ThirtyK Staff
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