Weeks after being assured by the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange that, no, it isn’t going insolvent and everything is just fine now after a short processing hiccup, some customers still haven’t been able to withdraw their money.

On Oct. 15, after the insolvency rumors started flying, the cryptocurrency exchange published an announcement saying, in part, that “all cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawals are, and have been, processing as usual without the slightest interference.” The currencies include dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen and euros.

If that’s the case, why are some customers telling CoinDesk otherwise? CoinDesk spoke to a number of Bitfinex customers who said they have waited weeks to receive fiat withdrawals, or have given up and canceled their withdrawals. When specified, the amounts held up were generally in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The exchange didn’t respond to Coinbase’s requests for comment. Read more here.

ThirtyK Staff
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