First it was Tesla CEO Elon Musk, then Rep. Frank Pellone, D-N.J. Now it’s Target.

Hackers on Tuesday gained control of the department store chain’s Twitter account, as well as some other accounts, in an attempt to perpetrate what has become a common bitcoin (BTC) giveaway scam, USA Today reports.

It’s always been a rather simple come-on: The hackers promise to compensate people with a lot of the cryptocurrency in exchange for smaller bitcoin payments. And it always seems to work.

Twitter confirmed that Target’s account, as well other accounts, were briefly compromised, but said it helped the real account holders regain control quickly.

In August, hackers sent out a false tweet offering Musk’s followers free bitcoin and ether (ETH). Last week, hackers took over the feeds of Pellone, Pantheon Books and Pathe Film.

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