The security experts at Check Point Research say crypto mining attacks have “grown and evolved” this year. That means the bad guys are developing more ways to get around your best efforts to block them.

Now there’s the KingMiner. According to Check Point’s website, KingMiner is a piece of monero (XMR) mining malware that targets Windows Servers. “The malware was first seen in mid-June 2018, and was rapidly followed by the deployment of two improved versions,” write researchers Ido Solomon and Adi Ikan.

“The attacker employs various evasion techniques to bypass emulation and detection methods, and, as a result, several detection engines have noted significantly reduced detection rates,” they add. “Based on our analysis of sensor logs, there is a steady rise in the number of KingMiner attack attempts.”

For more on the KingMiner and how to fight it, read here.

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