Would you spend your kingdom for a horse? How about some bitcoin (BTC)?

The British love their horses. One London company wants to share that love and make the sport of kings available to anyone willing to part with some of their cryptocurrency.

According to Equinox Racing, now you can use either digital money or fiat currency to join a syndicate and buy a piece of a horse. “We are a traditional horse racing club with a modern twist,” the company says on its website. “We aim to bring the excitement of owning a racehorse to the crypto world.”

To own that thoroughbred, according to Equinox, you need the crypto equivalent of £34.99 [about $44.50] per month, a small price to pay, it says, to own a piece of exciting racing action.

With what Equinox claims is “growing demand for horse racing syndicates” and “huge liquidity and market capital in the crypto world,” the combination was inevitable. After all, you can now use crypto to buy shares of other things such as artwork and real estate. So buying into the next Justify with crypto may be just good horse sense.

ThirtyK Staff
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